Questions they ask !

These are reported as being genuine questions asked by cruise ship passengers.

  • What do you do with the beautiful ice carvings after they melt?

  • Does the crew sleep on the ship?

  • Does the ship make its own electricity?

  • Which elevator do I take to get to the front of the ship?

  • Do these steps go up or down?

  • Do we have to stay up until midnight to change our clocks?

  • Is this island completely surrounded by water?

  • Why did the Greeks build so many ruins?

  • I've just seen the captain. Who's steering the ship?

  • Is it salt water in the toilets?

  • Can you see the equator from the deck?

  • How far are we from land? (About two miles, straight down!)

  • What elevation are we at?

  • There's a photographer on board who takes photos of passengers and displays them the next day.
    If the pictures aren't marked, how will I know which ones are mine?

  • What time is the Midnight Buffet being served?

(Needless to say, I haven't met anyone asking questions like these - yet!)