Cruise Worship

Firstly, and most importantly, I take "interdenominational" very seriously. For most of my ministry I have worked ecumenically, so I try to bring to worship a sense of Christian community that transcends denominational boundaries. The liturgies I use have been devised from a range of resources, including the United Church of Canada where I have worshipped over several years. Sometimes new hymns and liturgy help to refresh our worship.

Worship on a cruise ship must not become burdensome or appear obligatory to passengers, who are actually on holiday. So my pattern is a short Morning Prayers on sea days and an ecumenical Holy Communion service on Sundays. Other "special" services are slotted in where appropriate.

All worship is on-screen using PowerPoint, for several reasons:
  • it avoids having to photocopy huge amounts of paper;
  • it enables the use of alternative forms of liturgy and hymns;
  • it allows people to keep their heads up, rather than having to look down at the text; and
  • it allows for last-minute editing of the service, if necessary.
Here are some excellent websites with worship resources including HymnQuest

Services on Sundays and special days

Sea-day Morning services are here: 2013; 2014; 2016

These services have been used on numerous occasions, at sea and on land. My hope is that unfamiliar phrases might enhance worship as we focus on the words being heard or spoken. I am keen to introduce new hymns and these have been chosen to accompany the readings. Other hymns and readings can of course be used with these liturgies. Where there are gaps in the sequence of services, it is because the liturgy has been used more than once. First lines, metres & tunes of hymns used in the following services can be found here. The great majority can be found in HymnQuest, but some can only be copied with the full Copyright Licence Users' Edition.
Ash Wednesday 2008
John 8: 2-11
"Anyone without sin?"
Ash Wednesday 2012
Joel 2:1, 12-17
"Walk with us"
Passion Sunday 2008
Mark 9: 30-37
"Who's the greatest?"
Palm Sunday 2008
Luke 19: 29-44
Jesus borrows a colt
Maundy Thursday 2008
St Luke 22: 14-20
"This is my body"
Good Friday 2008
21 March
Hymns & Readings
Easter Day 2013
John 20: 19-29
Thomas is convinced
Easter Day 2016
John 20: 19-31
Thomas is convinced
Eastertide service 2008
John 21: 1-14
BBQ on the beach
Eastertide service 2013
John 21: 1-14
"Have you caught any fish?"
Ascensiontide 2016
Acts 1: 1-11
The Ascension story
Pentecost 2016
John 14: 8-17, 25-27
"Show us the Father"
Sunday 6 January 2008
Matthew 2: 1-12
The Wise Men
Sunday 13 January 2008
Matthew 3: 13-17
Baptism of Jesus
Sunday 27 January 2008
John 2: 1-11
Water & Wine
Sunday 3 February 2008
Matthew 11: 2-11
"Are you the One?"
Sunday 10 February 2008
Matthew 4: 1-11
Lent 1 - Temptation
Sunday 24 February 2008
Matthew 14: 22-33
Lent 3 - Faith & Trust
Sunday 2 March 2008
Luke 2: 41-51
Lent 4 - Mothering Sunday
Iona Sunday service 2013
Luke 24: 13-35
Road to Emmaus
Sunday 28 September 2014
Matthew 20: 17-28
Asking favours of Jesus
Sunday 24 April 2016
Matthew 10: 40-42
Welcome brings rewards
Sunday 1 May 2016
Matthew 18: 21-35
Sunday 17 April 2016
Matthew 4: 18-23
Jesus calls disciples
Sunday 13 April 2008
John 10: 1-10
Life to the full
Sunday 20 April 2008
Luke 4: 14-21
Final Sunday
Remembrance Day 2011
Micah 4: 1-5,
Matthew 10: 34-39
Advent Sunday 2011
Is 40: 1-11,
Mark 1: 1-8